Feed the cows

Your generous contributions to JavaRanch will help to feed skinny cows like this one!

regional/topical advertising

This seems to be the biggest/coolest thing we do right now. This is perfect for recruiting and training. Ads that appear on JavaRanch, but only in a certain city or state. The city of Denver might see 1000 pages of JavaRanch in a day. If you are recruiting for a job in Denver, or if you are about to teach a Java class in Denver, you could have your ad placed on 1000 pages about Java shown only to software engineers in Denver. Supposing that you get 20 clicks on your ad and you are paying a dollar a click, that's $20! When the job is filled, or the class is full, turn the ad off.

Since this is done through the google adwords program, you are not limited to just JavaRanch or Java. You can use this strategy for all sorts of keywords.

standard banners

  • maximum size: 469x60 and 40k
  • animation is okay
  • must be topical
  • subject to approval
  • we will track the number of impressions and click throughs. You will have up to the minute access of your statistics.
  • your banner will be one of many in a pool of banner ads. Each page shows two banners, in rotation (One at the top and one at the bottom of the page). If you like, we can have your banner run less frequently.
  • banners can also run in JavaRanch weekly notices and quarterly newsletters

mailing sponsorships

We send out a mailing about once a week to announce a book promotion. We also send out a mailing about once a quarter for the "JavaRanch Journal". We allow no more than one sponsorship for each mailing.

bits and bobs

We're told that JavaRanch is the largest Java site on the internet outside of Sun. JavaRanch currently gets about 2.5 million page views per month and 500,000 unique users each month.

For more information on running your banner on JavaRanch and alternative promotions, send e-mail to