Interesting stuff elsewhere on the Ranch

by Ulf Dittmer

Not all the good stuff is in these Journal articles. The Saloon sees lots of insight and wisdom all the time, and the various bloggers on the JavaRanch Radio are also busy turning out quality content. Plus, we've got book authors hanging out with us all the time. So here are a few nuggets you may have missed that should prove interesting to many folks.

Big Moose Saloon

In How do you interview?, ranchers discuss the perennially hot question of what you should ask in a techical interview to get an idea of how good a candidate really is, or whether he's faking it.

The Singleton pattern has a bad rep these days. In If the Singleton pattern is bad, how does Factory help?, members talk about whether Factory is really better, or if there's a greener pasture out there somewhere.

And since Dependency Injection is everywhere now, how does it relate to Factory? Why Dependency Injection is better than Factory? delves into this subject, and points out some differences.

JavaRanch Radio

Lasse talks about Testing for expected exceptions with JUnit. He promises that it's not just a plug for his book, but is actually a subject that has seen some changes in JUnit 4, so it has definite timeliness.

Gregg admits that he pieced together bits and pieces from all over the place in Session Timeout and AJAX, but since nobody seems to have put it all together before in one place, this is your chance to learn how to deal with it.

Finally, David O'Meara creates an image containing rotated text in a servlet on the fly, and streams it to the browser in Vertical text from a Servlet. Being from the upside-down country of Australia, we can forgive David for not reading left-to-right like most of us.

Upcoming Book Promotions

On September 18, we've got Chet Haase & Guy Romain talking about Filthy Rich Clients

On September 26, JavaRanch's Lasse Koskela introduces Test Driven

On October 2, the trio of Vivek Chopra, Sing Li & Jeff Genender dispense the Tomcat knowledge of Professional Apache Tomcat 6

On October 9, Michael Bowers presents Pro CSS and HTML Design Patterns

On October 16, Lynn Beighley covers the latest Head First book: Head First SQL

On October 23, Andrew Stellman & Jennifer Greene answer questions about yet another Head First book: Head First PMP