Interesting stuff elsewhere on the Ranch

by Ulf Dittmer

Not all the good stuff is in these Journal articles. The Saloon sees lots of insight and wisdom all the time, and the various bloggers on the JavaRanch Radio are also busy turning out quality content. Plus, we've got book authors hanging out with us all the time. So here are a few nuggets you may have missed that should prove interesting to many folks.

Big Moose Saloon

In Pair Programming Sucks?, ranchers discuss the attractions and drawbacks of pair programming, as well as ways to maximize the former while minimizing the latter.

Last week's book promotion of The Art of Agile Development saw several illuminating discussions on various aspects of Agile methodologies: Practical difficulties of Agile, Team size and Scrum, Agile Breakdown and Time sheets in an Agile world

Everybody seems always on the lookout for the next web framework that has even more features than the last one. A small antidote to this trend is the FrontMan framework, which takes a minimalistic approach to functionality, and has recently seen increased attention and discussion.

JavaRanch Radio

Balaji has examined a range of products for Rendering XML, and presents the pros and cons of various approaches.

David has been looking for extra brains and muscle for his development team, and found an off-shore solution in an unlikely location: Off-shoring to the USA

Upcoming Promotions

On November 6, we've got Dmitry Jemerov answering questions about IntelliJ IDEA 7

On November 13, Johanna Rothman introduces Manage It!

Also starting November 13, Ryan Dewsbury covers Google Web Toolkit Applications

On November 27, David Heffelfinger dispenses server knowledge with Java EE 5 Development using GlassFish Application Server

On December 4, Andrew Stellman & Jennifer Greene present the latest Head First book: Head First PMP

On December 11, Herb Schildt serves up the Java Programming Cookbook

And on December 18, Cedric Beust & Hani Suleiman talk about Next Generation Java Testing